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Tail shaft Services and Company Info

Australia's NO.1 driveshaft and tailshaft supplier

Our company first opened in 1996 and it has grown and developed into a successful business for nearly two decades. We specialise in Toyota, Comomordre and Ford Tail Shafts. We also do truck and bus Tail Shafts, 4WD Tail Shafts, hilux tailshaft, CV Drive Shaft, PTO Shafts, propeller shaft, bushing shaft, custom driveshaft, drive shaft repairs and drive shaft replacement. We import fresh new drive shaft parts to suit your cars need for vehicle balancing.

Our sydney driveshaft shop locates in Bankstown, Sydney Australia. Our experienced mechanic can also repair your car balancing issues. Tail shaft reconditioning? No problem our team can help you.

Our tailshaft range can ship to anywhere in Australia, whether if you are a tailshaft repairs shop in melbourne or tailshaft shop in adelaide; our transmission shaft can provide the supplies you need for Power Steering, Diffs and Gear Box fix. There are a lot of new parts in stock, including New Flange, Weld Yokes, CV, Center Bearing, and Double Cardan Joints for Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover and Jeep.

We can modify all shafts, shorten length and extend length. Our products are made with high quality materials. There is a skilled worker with 30-year experience to serve every need you have. Our friendly staff is always available to help and deliver our products fast with excellent service.

We directly supply PTO shaft and proshaft for your car

Please call us at 02-97905099 or 02-87308675. Our address is 32 Clements Avenue, Bankstown, NSW, 2200.

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Ford Falcon Ba Sedan Automatic Tailshaft
Air Conditioning driveShaft For Toyota Tarago TCR 10
Holden Commodore VX VY V8 Manual Sedan tailshaft
Holden Rodale PTO shaft
Toyota Tarago TCR10R Van Auto-manual

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